Earth Goodness Ltd., established in 2009, has earned recognition as a leading expert in Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) security. Specializing in Building Automation, Data Security, and Agricultural Lighting Design and Automation, we provide secure and comprehensive solutions for HVAC system integration with Building Management Systems (BMS) and smart homes.

Our proficiency extends beyond residential systems to encompass factories and infrastructure facilities. We prioritize secure communication channels in these demanding environments, offering robust solutions that adhere to stringent security standards.

As consultants to large corporations, our focus lies in guiding firms through their automation journey. We bring our specialized expertise to bear in HVAC control, smart homes, and secure OT and IT communication, ensuring our clients receive top-tier guidance and solutions.

As an official KNX partner and member, our commitment to industry standards is unwavering. This partnership amplifies our ability to provide reliable and industry-compliant solutions to our clients.

Our catalog includes a broad range of adapters compatible with all major HVAC manufacturers, incorporating standard protocols such as Modbus, BACnet, KNX, ASCII. Partnerships with industry frontrunners, Intesis and Cool Automation, further augment our offerings, providing a mix of original and trusted third-party solutions.

Innovation is integral to our operations. We integrate cloud-based solutions and emphasize robust data security, ensuring our services and products remain ahead of industry developments. This future-forward approach places us at the vanguard of the rapidly progressing smart home and BMS technology landscapes.

Our mission at Earth Goodness Ltd. is twofold – to simplify building automation and bolster its security. We are dedicated to enhancing control and connectivity of building environments while ensuring advanced building automation remains secure, accessible, and user-friendly.

Join us at Earth Goodness Ltd. and embark on a journey towards secure, efficient, and smarter building management.